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2 mins | October 20, 2023

The best VAT Service Provider (2023)

Sure, challenges within the VAT process exist, but fortunately - so do we. Here’s why businesses pick VAT IT as their go-to VAT recovery solution. 
The best VAT Service Provider (2023)

Outsourcing your VAT reclaim is one of the best ways to fast-track recovery while optimizing administration and maintaining VAT compliance. However, you can’t just hand over the VAT process to any VAT solution provider. You will want to ensure your VAT recovery service provider is trustworthy, accurate, and, most importantly - able to maximize your VAT potential without depleting your time, resources, or freedom. 

Fortunately, we’ve got just the stuff you’re looking for, and by ‘stuff,’ we mean a go-to guide on what to look out for when choosing the best VAT recovery services for your specific business. 


Tech when it counts

Working with experts is great, however, combining human experience and expertise with state-of-the-art tech? Unstoppable. Ultimately, VAT service providers need to prioritize their tech as much as they do their human resources. The new era of VAT reclaim demands solutions that leverage the latest technology in VAT recovery processes and favors businesses that can use it to their advantage. Some tech features within the VAT IT Cloud include but are not limited to, API integrations, AI-driven VAT refund analysis, simple document management, and real-time claim progress. 

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In-depth industry solutions

Disclaimer: There is no standardized VAT recovery process. Successfully maximizing your reclaim potential heavily relies on understanding the industry-specific intricacies on a country-specific level. By partnering with a VAT solution provider that understands the in-depth VAT potential within the specific industry that a business operates in, businesses can discover many lesser-known recoverable costs and benefit from maximizing their savings yield, allowing them a competitive advantage within a fast-growing market. AT VAT IT, our solutions are tailored to fit all your VAT needs within your specific industry. This includes identifying eligible VAT recovery schemes, compliance requirements, and hidden eligible expenses to ensure you reach your full VAT reclaim potential while optimizing your administrative processes. 

From pharmaceutical companies to VAT in aviation - check out our niche industry reclaim opportunities.


Human where it matters 

A great deal of successful VAT recovery comes back to nurturing your relationships within the VAT landscape and network of tax authorities. Sure, you may have great humans within your internal team. Still, considering the amount of dedication, time, and knowledge it requires to navigate the ever-changing tax laws and requirements across multiple countries, finance teams frequently become stretched between their day-to-day responsibilities and the 24/7 job of maximizing VAT potential while administering VAT processes and maintaining compliance. Needless to say, most businesses could get by with a little help from their (VAT IT) friends. Our VAT team is experienced with even the most complex local and international VAT processes. It eases the burden and complexities of dealing with local legislation in the country you’re reclaiming from. Our close relationships with tax authorities also ensure that businesses are aligned with the most recent VAT rules and updates, ensuring complete transparency and reassurance throughout the entire VAT reclaim process. 


One centralized solution for all your VAT needs

At the end of the day, VAT processes are complicated and time-consuming, but that doesn’t mean that choosing the right VAT recovery solution has to be. Centralize all your VAT needs, including domestic and international VAT recovery, without compromising your time, money, or resources. 

We’ve got you (re)covered. 

VAT refund Tool kit

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Navigate the intricacies of your invoices. Use our interactive tool to find out what is required to optimise your claims.
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