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Published:August 16, 2022

Poland increases penalty for late VAT payments and incorrect returns

If you have VAT obligations in Poland, you don’t want to miss the deadline for filing your returns. Polish authorities have increased the penalty for late or erroneous returns. The good news is that with the right technology and expertise, you can ensure 100% VAT compliance, everywhere you have an obligation.

Poland increases penalty for late VAT payments and incorrect returns

Poland is increasing the interest rate for late tax payments. Businesses with VAT obligations in Poland should ensure they have the processes and technology to ensure they submit returns accurately and on time.

Polish authorities had already increased the penalty this year.

Poland’s new late payment charges 

The interest penalty depends on measures taken by the taxpayer. 

The standard interest rate has been increased to 13.5% from 12%.

However, if the taxpayer corrects their VAT returns before the tax officer requests an amendment, then they will be subject to a reduced rate. The reduced rate is now 6.75%, up from 6%.

An increased rate applies for erroneous reports where the taxpayer understates how much VAT they owe, or when a taxpayer does not file a return. 

The role of human error in VAT noncompliance

Failing to comply with VAT regulations can have serious consequences for any business. However, without effective VAT compliance technology, the risk of missing a deadline or submitting erroneous VAT returns is high. 

A digital VAT solution makes compliance simpler, faster and more cost-effective. It also eliminates human error and helps ensure you file all the necessary paperwork completely, accurately and on time, everywhere you have an obligation. 

Get in touch with VAT IT for a customised VAT compliance and reclaim solution for your business. 

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