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Published:October 12, 2022

Medica 2022: Experience the healthcare of tomorrow

Join the medical community in Dusseldorf at this year’s Medica Tradefair from 14 - 22 November 2022. Browse industry-leading medical technology, network with world-class leaders in the medical industry and recover VAT on all your expenses while you’re at it.

Medica 2022: Experience the healthcare of tomorrow

Medica 2022 is fast-approaching and promises to showcase some of the finest technology the medical field has to offer.

Businesses are eagerly awaiting to experience the healthcare market of tomorrow and network with some of the biggest names in the medical field. However, attending a world-class event comes with a few expenses of its own that we can’t overlook. Thankfully, your business won’t have to settle for losses with the correct VAT recovery process. 

What to expect at Medica 2022

Combined, MEDICA and COMPAMED remain the world’s leading platforms for exploring cutting-edge medical technology. The event brings together approximately 46,000 visitors from 150 countries and at least 3523 exhibitors from 70 countries.

Curious about what you can expect? This year’s Medica will include 

  • Imaging and diagnostic/medical equipment and devices: 

Browse leading-edge medical equipment, including imaging supplies, therapy and physical medicine, hospital equipment and care equipment.

  • Medical IT systems and solutions:

Gain insight into IT infrastructure, computer hardware, wearable technologies and everything you need to run a tech-advanced medical practice.

  • Laboratory equipment and diagnostic testing:  

Learn about the newest laboratory equipment and Diagnostic testing techniques, including clinical chemistry, immunology testing, genetic testing, molecular diagnostics and more.

  • Physiotherapy and orthopaedic technology:

Experience new advances in Hydrotherapy treatment equipment, bandages, walking and mobility aids, orthopaedic feet aids, training equipment, rehabilitation equipment, wheelchairs and more.

Although the event is open to all industries, a few key markets would most benefit from the experience. 

Who should attend Medica 2022?

Medica 2022 will include exhibitors from at least 50 nations. In addition, experts and decision-makers in medicine, research, business and politics will also be present. Amongst those attending, the following key target groups will most benefit from the trade show:

  • General practitioners
  • Hospital doctors
  • Hospital managers
  • Hospital nursing staff
  • Hospital technical managers
  • Laboratory managers
  • Medical specialised trade
  • Medical assistants 

Ready to start planning your business trip to Dusseldorf for Medica 2022? During the event and the duration of your stay, there’s no denying that you’ll incur expenses. The question is, what can you recover?

What to claim during Medica 2022

Fortunately, when it comes to VAT recovery in Germany, it’s relatively straightforward. It’s claimable, or it isn’t. Here’s what you can recover VAT on:

Expense Type

VAT rate



Conferences and Trade Shows


Admission to fairs and exhibitions

  • This includes conferences, trade shows, fairs and exhibitions. The possible claimable expenses are:

- entry/registration fee

            - other exhibition expenses (stall

              rental, stall set-up, stall clean-up). 


Hotel Accommodation


Public Transport



7% and 19%


The recovery process

Although stacking-up costs are easy, recovering the VAT on expenses often isn’t. In a nutshell, the only way to successfully recover your VAT is to submit invoices to the German VAT Authority within the stipulated deadline.

However, this can be quite a process as the invoices must meet the German VAT rules. Luckily, you can simplify the process by submitting a compliant VAT reclaim to the German VAT Authority through a team of experts. 

Focus on business, and we’ll do the rest

Focus on getting the most out of MEDICA 2022 while our VAT IT experts assist you in recovering your VAT on expenses. Ready to get going? Book your tickets today and download the German VAT Rate page to make sure you keep track of your expenditure for easy VAT recovery. 



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