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Published:May 28, 2020

Czech Republic Allows Electronic VAT Submissions

Czech Republic Allows Electronic VAT Submissions

The Czech Republic General Financial Directorate confirmed this week that while it will not be providing an extension on the 13th Directive deadline for Non-European businesses, it will allow for VAT refund submissions to be sent through electronically.  

The Czech tax authorities said that if the postal service between Czech Republic and countries has been interrupted or completely grounded than electronic submissions will be allowed. However, email submissions will not be accepted. 

Businesses have two options to submit their claims electronically either through the Czech republic’s tax portal (Which is only in the Czech Language) or via a Data Box. 

Tax Portal (- available only in the Czech language): 

Should companies choose to submit their VAT submission through the tax portal, some extra documentation will need to be provided and the process has been altered slightly. VAT IT has been made aware of the protocols for a successful submission and is able to offer assistance in this regard. 

A Claimant can also use the Data Box which enables fast communication with the Czech tax office. The Czech ministry of interior is responsible for this matter. VAT IT has received information regarding the Data Box and is able to offer assistance with a successful claim.  

Tax Portal enables also saving of a tax filing into the XML file that can be sent via Data Box.

Automatic check of the tax filing is done before saving of XML file.

The Czech authorities stated that If harmonized measures are adopted at an EU Community level, then the tax administration of the Czech Republic will respect and follow them too. 

The EU commission has still not confirmed whether it will propose a blanket extension to the 13th Directive deadline which is 30 June 2020. 

A handful of member states have granted their own extensions and easements. For example, France and Monaco have extended their 13th Directive deadlines by 3 months while Germany and Slovakia have granted some easements and provisions on late submissions. 

VAT IT continues to follow the situation closely. For more COVDID-related VAT updates, follow our dedicated COVID-19 VAT News centre

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